Too much information, too little thought

sunrise in the garden at Little Portion Monastery, Arkansas

In any case, silence and stillness are not enough for us. They might be for a little while, as an immediate escape from the din and demands of daily life. But they are means to an end rather than ends in themselves.

The search engine has an almost godlike power to deliver the information we want. But even amid the swirling tides of information on the internet many people find the ultimate questions of life confronting them: “Who am I? What can I know? What ought I to do? What may I hope?” These point to the desire for truth…

I’m “reblogging” today. The above quote is from Carolyn Moynihan, writing on MercatorNet, Friday May 18, 2012: “Too much information, too little thought.”

Which principles of simplicity does the article illustrate?

5 thoughts on “Too much information, too little thought

      • Susan, I’m so used to reading artlcies about content that I paused for a moment when I saw that you were writing about context . As usual, you are right on the money! Framing our content in the proper context is key not only to marketing but to writing. Some of the most popular blog posts that I have written include examples that people can relate to. It makes a huge difference. Great post as usual! Sherryl Perry recently posted..

    • Τι μου θυμίζει, τι μου θυμίζει Brothers and sisters, the time has comeFor each and every one of you to dediceWhether you are gonna be the problem,Or whether you are gonna be the solution

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